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I believe every family deserves to feel empowered and supported when taking care of their new baby. I would love to help your family with postpartum doula care!

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How I Became A Postpartum Doula

     Hi my name is Rachel and I am a postpartum doula in Colorado, where I serve clients in Denver and Arapahoe Counties. I took the CAPPA postpartum doula training and am currently working on certification. I wanted to become a postpartum doula so I can support families during the transformation and healing journey that comes after birth. As a postpartum doula, I am passionate about helping babies and families have the upmost success at the start of their journey. I am determined to help families through this new beginning feel empowered and excited moving forward. Before I became a doula, I originally received a Masters in Social Work in 2016, and I started working as a therapist for youth and families. I have always grown up wanting to support people through life’s challenges and help them recognize their resilience. Thus, social work became a great passion of mine. In 2017, I realized doula work was my true calling when my friend gave birth to her son. I helped her recover and greatly enjoyed providing her with support during her postpartum period. Her family was not able to come to her aid, so I stepped in to help with household tasks, cooking, laundry, breastfeeding support, watching her son while she rested, comforting her throughout her cesarean recovery, and offering a shoulder to cry on when she felt overwhelmed. I loved providing her with care and I became aware of the importance of postpartum recovery. My passion is to assist families in becoming a successful unit and help individuals find their strength. After my friend gave birth, I was made aware that doula support encompasses this important healing and that postpartum care is how I wanted to help families feel empowered.

​     After bringing home a newborn, or multiple new borns, mothers and partners can feel overwhelmed, worried, happy, isolated, anxious, exhausted, confused, self-critical, in complete bliss, depressed, or overjoyed. These feelings, and having to adjust to a new way of life, can bring both happiness and struggle. This is such a quintessential time for mothers, partners, and babies to go through great physical and emotional transformation. Thus, as a doula I can support families at the start of their new beginning and help them not experience as much struggle or exhaustion after birth. Following birth, a family should receive supportive care, resources, and the tools to start their new life excited and prepared for the journey ahead. I would love to help your family during this amazing time and provide you the postpartum care you deserve.

Other Skills I Bring


In addition to my doula and social work experience, I nanny for a wonderful family part time. I greatly enjoy looking after their kids and helping with household management. I am able to apply this child care experience to my doula work, where I have the skills in knowing how to integrate with a family; helping them feel comfortable, cared for, and able to relax knowing their needs are being met. Being present in supporting a family is so beautiful to me and I love being that helpful resource.

I also completed the training, Working With Multiples: An Advanced Training for Postpartum Doulas. Due to this knowledge and helping twin families, I feel I can greatly support you if you are expecting multiples.    ​

Child Care Background and Special Training

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Mother in Love
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After birth there is a lot of processing mothers and families go through. Whether it is reflecting on the actual birth, anxieties of being a new parent, or rediscovering this new person you have become, emotional and nonjudgemental support is essential for this postpartum recovery. It is so important to me to help new mothers process these emotions. I am also very passionate in aiding the prevention of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, as well as being a shoulder to lean on for mothers overcoming a mood disorder. It is also important for me to help clients who have a history of sexual abuse, sexual assault, or birth trauma. With my social work experience and completing the training, From Trauma to Triumph: When Survivors Give Birth Advanced Training-Colorado 2019, I have the skills to support these survivors. My goal is to help these clients feel more comfortable, empowered, validated, and resourced after giving birth.     

Birth Processing Support


I work hard to network with other doulas, birth professionals, and mental health professionals so that I can provide resources when mothers and partners need additional support. I am very passionate about creating continuity of care for clients and informing the public whenever I can. In the past, communities and villages helped women during and after birth. Now, within our culture this is harder to come by, which is why I will continue to work hard in connecting clients with important resources. I also love learning and growing. Thus, I will always continue to educate myself and be aware of the new research informing the doula field. I cannot wait to help you.

Networking and Resources

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