Empowering and Supporting Families Through Postpartum Care

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Welcome to Together With Doula

With Rachel Smith

​Congratulations, you just gave birth to your beautiful baby and you are about to venture on this new path called parenthood! You no longer have the guidance and support from hospital staff, birth center staff, or your home birth team. Now what? You are feeling a mixture of excitement, exhaustion, overwhelming emotion, grateful to be home, and yes even anxiety about how you are going take care of this new baby. Let me reassure you that you do not need to be alone in trying to figure out this new way of life. You deserve support, guidance, and proper rest so that you can heal and bond with your new baby.

​My job as a postpartum doula is to help families make a smoother transition after birth; providing physical, informational, emotional, and relational support. I will work hard to provide you a more peaceful recovery and a calming environment, where you can get to know your baby. In addition to your child, you birthed a new you, which is a part of recovery that deserves important recognition. As your doula, I will support you during this new beginning and provide that comforting space of reassurance. My ultimate goal is for you to feel empowered and prepared for this new life with your wonderful child.

Benefits of having a doula 

Families are often more prepared for the first three trimesters. Yet the fourth trimester adjustment period after birth, can leave parents feeling overwhelmed. This is such a life altering time and mothers can be left feeling isolated as they recover. Culture today allows less time for other family members or partners to adequately assist in the physical and emotional healing of the mother and newborn. As a postpartum doula, I work hard to bridge this gap by providing non-judgmental guidance, resources, rest, emotional support, household help, meal preparation, breastfeeding and feeding support, errand running, newborn care information, assistance with siblings, comfort during physical recovery, birth processing, and ultimately a calm environment where you feel nurtured.

A postpartum doula can help with: [1]
  • Decrease rates of postpartum mood disorders

  • Aid with the essential bonding process between newborns and parents

  • Foster greater breastfeeding success

  • Mother and partner feel more confident with their parenting skills

  • Mothers have a better healing and recovery experience 

  • Provide isolation relief and empathetic listening

  • Give extra supportive hands 

  • Organize a nursery and offer household assistance

  • Care for the baby and family overnight and overall support the parents with getting more rest

  • Decrease the need to rely on the pediatrician for basic newborn questions

  • Create an easier adjustment to a new family system and guide family members/friends on how to best support the family

1. Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association. (2017). CAPPA Postpartum Doula Manual. Author 

Meet Your Doula

Hi my name is Rachel and I believe every family deserves to feel empowered and supported when taking care of their new baby. I would love to help your family with postpartum doula care!

I am a postpartum doula in Colorado, where I serve clients in Denver and Arapahoe Counties. ​I wanted to become a postpartum doula so I can support families during the transformation and healing journey that comes after birth.

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